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A newspaper without a slogan...

Is like an Irish guy without a city job.

You can remedy this situation by finding me employment with the Streets & Sanitation department. Or better yet, help us come up with a slogan for the Daily News.

Send us a comment with your ideas.

Here's a few to get you started:

-An Independent Newspaper (the old CDN motto)

- Only in Chicago

- Chicago, 24/7

-All Chicago, All the Time

Site problems

For those of you who tried to check out the Daily News yesterday afternoon, my apologies. Hackers attacked our web-hosting service for several hours, crashing several servers and generally making the Internets pretty unreliable. A full rebate has been mailed to each and every one of you.

For those of you who have attempted to subscribe to our RSS feed, we also owe an apology and rebate. This time, we cannot blame Romanian teenagers. RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication, but take it from me: Pimpin' ain't easy, and RSS ain't simple. Please bear with us and your...more

It's an early Christmas for our readers

Two new features today. First, forums. Got a comment about a Daily News article? Write it, post it, and everyone will see it.

Second, The big city. We're getting a lot of articles from citizen journalists, but some of them are more like vignettes, or personal essays, than traditional news stories. So we've created a new section for them.

Try calling the Sun-Times and asking them to create a whole new section to showcase your writing. Didn't work? Yeah, we thought so. Moral: Nobody loves you like the Daily News loves you. Not even your...more

Feel the love

I have been deluged -- in all seriousness, deluged -- with e-mails from people today who are thrilled to hear the Daily News name is back, interested in writing for us, excited that a news organization is soliciting information from them, rather than merely disseminating it from on high. We've only been around for a short time, but apparently we've already touched a lot of people. I'm lost for words in attempting to express how humbling and gratifying it is to hear from these folks.

Excerpts from a number of them follow. But first,...more

Here's why we exist

If you're just tuning into us because of the recent press coverage of the Daily News, welcome.

It's strange to become the subject of a news story after years of slinging the tough questions, but the Trib's Steve Johnson was very gentle, and gave me a cigarette afterwards.

Steve's article has already reached a lot of people who are interested in writing for us. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the trivia that defines a web developer's day -- moving stories, tracking down error messages -- that I forget we are doing something...more

The chestnuts are roasting...

The snow is coming down, it's over 10 degrees outside, the Christmas decorations are up. This seems like a good moment to inform my readers of an important new beverage: Glogg. It's hot, it's spicy, it's Swedish. Why not head on over to Simon's Tavern and try some.

But remember: One glogg is too few, and two gloggs is one to many. You'll see what I mean.

Rock? Sorry, left it in the van...

Sufjan Stevens is a ginormous wuss. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Is it live?

Why yes, thank you, it is. The site's been out of stealth mode for a week now. And I received a mash note from Secretary of State Jesse White, who sends love and officially stamped articles of incorporation.

So please, look around. Notice that we don't have all that much content. Find some content and send it to us. Repeat until thy fingers bleed all over thine keyboard.

Quirky NY Mag appoints white man as editor

Here at race-relations central, we were quite concerned that minorities and women would continue their hold on the upper echelons of the magazine world. But in a shocking move sure to send ripples through the media industry, Harper's has named a forty-ish white man as its top wordsmith.

What a cute little democracy!

The LA Times reports Iraqi newspapers have been publishing "news stories" that are actually press releases written by the US Government. It's so heartwarming to see a precocious democratic child imitating her parents.

Tribune: Not rich enough

It's a sad day in medialand when the Tribune, a company that's posting a 20 percent profit margin starts laying off reporters. Memo to newspaper companies: If you have less reporters and less news in your product, less people will buy it. Which will lead to less profit, not more. I don't know why this is so hard to understand.

We, of course, are non-profit and would never cave in to Wall Street by axing reporters. Or we wouldn't if we actually had a reporting staff, anyway.

The bling

After a day spent on the phone with the IRS, JP Morgan Chase and a host of other fine people, we are finally equipped to accept your online donations. So please... donate

The rock

One of the best things about putting this site together is all of the good music I've been listening to lately. I'm choosing mp3's for our Daily Download section, and the stuff Chicago bands are sending me is a reminder of how incredible this city's music scene is.

Diplomatic? No.

WaPo's Mary Jordan reports on a spicy new book by Britains former ambassador to the U.S. Prime Minister Tony Blair was so "seduced" by the "proximity and glamour of American power" that he failed to use his leverage with President Bush to slow the rush to war with Iraq. Who knew that Bush and glamour would ever appear in the same sentence?

Welcome to journalism, 1876-style

One of the challenges of running a fledgling non-profit is paying the bills. I'm hoping to do that by freelancing for magazines and newspapers. Because I had a series of cushy newspaper jobs for most of the last decade, it's been a long time since I've looked at Writer's Market.

Two things struck me immediately:

1) This is 2005. I don't care if you're the largest magazine on earth. You should accept e-mail submissions. Paper is for mortgages and newspapers. Or perhaps just for mortgages.

2) Freelance rates haven't gone up since 1995. A...more