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Faculty anger continues at DePaul’s law school

Sixteen faculty at DePaul’s College of Law have sent a letter to the American Bar Association, complaining that the school violated the ABA’s rules when it picked an interim dean last month without consulting with faculty.

DePaul’s administration removed former Dean Glen Weissenberger last month (he is staying on as a professor, at least at this point).

School officials have said the ouster was in the works for several months because of growing disagreements between Weissenberger and the administration. Some faculty members say Weissenberger was fired after complaining to the ABA that DePaul was taking too large a share...more

Obama's plan for community colleges

A couple of commentaries for you to consider, both of with provide insightful analyses of President Obama's speech earlier this week, a hallmark of which was dedicating $12 billion to improving community colleges nationwide. 

Obama announced the American Graduation Initiative, which proposes a host of new tactics to get more students enrolled in community colleges, and to get more of those new students to complete their programs. That last goal is notoriously difficult, for a lot of reasons. Among the proposed programs in Obama's plan: more money for financial aid and classroom construction; plus funding to make remedial education...more

Academic graffiti

Ever notice how much high-minded graffiti is scribbled on the walls of university libraries? A staffer at the University of Chicago did and has been documenting it on a Flickr set that now has more than 700 photos. The graffiti often appears on whiteboards, but other times it's penned onto walls, around outlets, along baseboards and in the corners of study carrels. 

For a Friday distraction, take a stroll through the set. The graffiti is, in a very loose sense, an indicator of the mood of students in UChicago's Regenstein Library: often stressed, sometimes wanting to die, other times wanting...more

Student centers at community colleges?


A rendering of the future student services center at Truman. / By STV, Inc.

When I talk to City Colleges students about things that are bugging them, one of the comments I hear most often is that they wish there was more of a campus community. Students take classes at different times of day, and many work or have families to support.

Why not build a student center? Truman College is building one of sorts -- it should be open in about a...more

On Campus goes live

Welcome to On Campus, one of the Daily News' newest blogs, maintained by higher education reporter Peter Sachs.

Check back regularly for the latest updates on what's going on at Chicago's universities and colleges. This will be the place to check first when breaking news happens, whether it's a bomb threat on your campus or a vote that threatens to take away your financial aid grants.

My beat covers the City Colleges of Chicago, UIC, UChicago, DePaul, Loyola, Columbia, Roosevelt and just about every other campus.

I also keep an eye on policy matters like financial aid and tuition --...more