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Robert Koehler: Growing Up, Falling in Love

We have to begin thinking and organizing ourselves beyond the arbitrary constraints of nations and beyond our current, resource-devouring economic system. We have to imagine a global culture that doesn't pit humanity against nature. more

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Officials: Slain woman had more than 20 gunshot wounds

A West Side woman was killed Sunday night after suffering more than 20 gunshot wounds in a shooting that may have gang connections, officials said. more

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Jo Comerford: Fifth Grader Says: 'I'm Kind of Mad at the Government'

It's imperative that all Americans get informed and engage in the heated debate over how our tax dollars are spent by our nation's government. It's both our right, our responsibility and the exquisite privilege of our Democracy. more

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Michael Martin: An Exclusive Gotye Interview

Based on the success of his single "Somebody That I Used To Know," multi-instrumentalist Gotye has been gaining a great deal of momentum around the world. Not bad for a guy who didn't speak a stitch of English until the age of 6 or so. more

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Jason Bailey: Your Republican Friends Are Going to Love Lockout

What's striking, when watching Lockout (aside from what a terrible, lunk-headed movie it is), is how frequently and explicitly it flaunts its anti-Democrat -- and anti-Obama -- point of view. more

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Chicago Weekend Plans: Reptiles, Fashion And Sister Spit

This week, Chicago's individuality in the country's cityscape shone through. We established ourselves as quirky eaters, nontraditional daters, creative problem-solvers and a generally fun-loving bunch.... more

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16 Ways To Create A Breakfast Nook In Any Home

A cozy breakfast nook is proof that when it comes to smart design, bigger isn't always better. These charming kitchen niches are usually only large... more

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Police Arrest Man with Gun at Greyhound Station

The man tried to board a bus with a gun, Chicago Police said. Photo Credit: Getty Images more

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Man tries to board Greyhound bus with gun

A man was arrested after trying to board a Greyhound bus with a gun in the South Loop early this morning, police said. more

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Owned Zephyr, Byron’s Hot Dogs

When Byron Kouris first talked about opening an ice cream parlor near Wilson and Ravenswood, people told him he was nuts. At the time, the area was considered off the beaten path, but shortly after he opened Zephyr Restaurant in 1976, customers came in... more

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