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Single people with cancer often face the toughest battle alone

Growing numbers spur new support groups, more resources and staff training Claudia Peyton went to the doctor's office alone to receive the terrifying diagnosis. more

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No homework necessary, just come and listen

The Everypeople Workshop is prolific. Although the multimedia and performance collective was only founded in 2009, it's already released four self-produced albums; written and produced a ballet, Bronzeville Nutcracker ; and put on a three-day festival in Woodstock, Illinois.… [... more

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Chicago Cubans Rankled by Guillen's Castro Comments

Alberto Gonzalez's restaurants, the 90 Miles Cuban Cafe, pay homage to the Cuba he was forced to leave and travel to Key West for freedom and safety. more

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After contested election, a new resident leader for Lathrop Homes

The former president of the resident council at the CHA's Lathrop Homes development says she was unseated in an election that prevented many disabled and Spanish-speaking residents from voting. Her challenge was denied.

over 6 years ago | Megan Cottrell

Residents: Lathrop redevelopment leaving us out

Community leaders just started meeting to determine the future of Lathrop Homes. But residents say they have concerns about their voices being heard.

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Public housing residents still awaiting final election results

Lathrop Homes residents are split over the election results. Some residents are saying the election process was flawed because it offered no assistance for Spanish speaking residents.

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Lathrop redevelopment group eyes preservation

Residents at a North Side public housing community have been waiting for years find out what will happen to their home. Leaders from the community and housing officials are finally sitting down to create a plan.

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Ninth graders allowed at Schneider Elementary next school year

Despite complaints about a lack of communication, the Chicago Board of Education will allow 9th graders to take up residence at Schneider Elementary. Schneider's principal opposes the plan.

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Advocates worry CHA is pushing residents out of Lathrop Homes

Residents and housing advocates are concerned that they are being pushed out of Lathrop homes so they can't have a say in its transformation. CHA says they're just trying to give tenants options.

almost 7 years ago | Megan Cottrell

Lathrop residents to decide their future

Lathrop homes public housing residents will decide this week where they want to live after the Plan for Transformation is complete. Many say they want Lathrop to stay the same and to be a part of it.

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Residents, public housing officials at odds over mixed-income development plan

Residents at Lathrop Homes public housing are concerned about a possible plan to replace their community with a mixed-income housing development.

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Public housing residents say vacant units no good

North Side public housing complex residents protested against CHA policies that have led to 600 vacant units there during a time when many people are homeless.

7 years ago | Megan Cottrell

Phones still not working at North Side public housing development

Residents of Lathrop Homes are still waiting for an end to the static-filled telephone service that has plagued the development for months. An AT&T spokeswoman says the CHA has to act first.

over 7 years ago | Claire Bushey

Chicago church that served public housing residents closes its doors

Church of the Good News members bid a tearful goodbye to the church that has been a haven to public housing residents and the surrounding neighborhood for 41 years.

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Firefighter hospitalized after blaze

Slipped on ice battling attic fire

almost 8 years ago | Ashley Mouldon