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Is Your Neighborhood Hip Enough For A Bike Rental?

West Side alderman Jason Ervin rightly complains that the city's bike rental program will only serve neighborhoods close to the lake. more

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Blu-ray Review: Strong Set For Disappointing ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’

CHICAGO – When “Torchwood: Miracle Day” premiered on Starz, I was completely up for the ride. My 4/5 review displayed a little bit of concern given that the show was often 5/5 in its original BBC America airings (and in the brilliant “Children of Earth”) but I held... more

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Midday News Links: At Least Seven Horses Killed In Barn Fire

At least seven horses were killed when a stable burned down in McHenry County. Three more horses are still unaccounted for. more

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1-year-old, woman shot in their bed on Far South Side

A 1-year-old girl and a woman were wounded while they were in their bed in a shooting early Thursday in the Far South Side Pullman neighborhood, officials said. more

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Pullman 1-Year-Old Shot in the Head

A mother and her little girl were shot Thursday morning as they were sleeping in their home on the far South Side. more

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Walmart Supercenter to be Built on Sportsman’s Park Location

Supercenter will boast over 190,000 square feet of space, along with offering hundreds of jobs. Photo Credit: Getty Images more

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Wow, Are We Psychic?

Last night we wrote: You know it's bad when the Drudge Report headline reads "Only 1 Dead, 5 Wounded in Chicago." No word on tonight's bloodletting. Keep an eye on the local papers for something though - we've noticed they seem to be spreading out the reports... more

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School boycotters say message was delivered

As CPS held its first day of classes, about 1,000 students boycotted to protest education funding. They attempted to register in the suburban New Trier district, which is better funded.

7 years ago | Paul D. Bowker and Rose Kasinecz

School boycott supporters to push message

The campaign follows a similar canvass of the West Side held by the group more than a week ago. Meanwhile, the school district held rallies to encourage attendance. Both sides want to highlight school funding problems.

over 7 years ago | Paul D. Bowker

Zinc warehouse goes up in flames

A South Side zinc factory burned for more than two hours early Monday morning, requiring a hazardous materials team and more than 100 firefighters before it was brought under control.

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Man shot to death on South Side street

Witnesses: Two men fled scene

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Police seek South Side gunmen

Victim in good condition

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