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Weekend Plans: Prints, Girl Food And Antique Jewelry

Hey, Chicago! Hey Chicago, hey, we're over here. There you go. We know Friday is a big day, but once you're done celebrating, you may... more

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Emanuel backtracks on longer school day

Under pressure from parents who oppose a 7.5 hour school day, Mayor Rahm Emanuel today announced that 7 hours would be enough for elementary school students. “No longer will we have to make false choices,” he said. “Teachers will not have to pick between science and social studies, math versus... more

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Opponents of CPS' longer school day join forces against plan

For several months, the greatest resistance to Mayor Rahm Emanuel's proposed 71/2-hour school day came from parents in middle-class and upper-middle-class communities who say their kids don't need the extra class time. more

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Four Underrated Chicago Galleries

We spotlight four galleries that don't get the attention they deserve. more

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Turning ordinary people into art patrons

Commissioning works of art is usually thought of as a pastime of the super-rich or art connoisseurs. But a new exhibition in Hyde Park is challenging that notion by cultivating art patrons from the community.

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Residents rally around the Bronzeville Community Market

Bronzeville residents find locally-grown produce and natural food products at a community farmer's market that has become a weekly gathering spot.

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Cocktail party is a work of art

Clay and conversation fly as Hyde Park plays host to a very creative cocktail party.

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Second strangling victim identified

Body found in burning garbage bin

8 years ago | Geoff Wallin

Identity of second woman still unknown

First victim identified by dental records

8 years ago | Carrie Topolinski

Second burned body found

Earlier victim was strangled, officials say

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Indie media owners criticize consolidation

The FCC holds hearings in Chicago

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