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Extra Extra: 11-Year-Old Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances

The Baseball Hall of Fame wants mementos from Humber's perfect game, and other news. Add to... <a href="" id="more">more</a></p>
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			<h2><a href="">Cicero School Board Member In Hot Water Over Racially-Charged Facebook Post</a></h2>
			<p> A member of the J. Sterling Morton High School District school board in the near western suburbs may be forced to resign.  <a href="" id="more">more</a></p>
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			<h2><a href="">Opinion: Derrick Rose Goes Way Back With Obama</a></h2>
			<p>  In a GQ interview, the Bulls star talks about his relationship with the president, which began when Obama represented Englewood in the state senate.         <img... <a href="" id="more">more</a></p>
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			<h2><a href="">Conference answer sheet: Why Chicago? Why NATO?</a></h2>
			<p>     Other reasons NATO is being hosted in Chicago and other effects and implications. Public discourse on NATO has already provoked debate among residents in Chicago and it is only a matter of time before it will find itself in the national conscience.  <a href="" id="more">more</a></p>
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			<h2><a href="">Extra Extra: John Cusack's Gold Coast Condo Is For Sale</a></h2>
			<p>  Did you give her your heart, and she gave you a pen? How about trying to give her John Cusackmore

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Feds aim to sack former Bears QB Jim McMahon over bad bank loans

THE WATCHDOGS: Former Chicago Bears Super Bowl-winning quarterback Jim McMahon is one of nine former officials of the failed Broadway Bank the federal government is targeting in a lawsuit that aims to recover $104 million lost through 17 bad loans. more

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Wow, Are We Psychic?

Last night we wrote: You know it's bad when the Drudge Report headline reads "Only 1 Dead, 5 Wounded in Chicago." No word on tonight's bloodletting. Keep an eye on the local papers for something though - we've noticed they seem to be spreading out the reports... more

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Video: Lewis Comes Out Swinging

Karen Lewis didn't cuss during her speech earlier today, but she certainly had a lot of feeling in her words.  Here's the video, or click here for the transcript from CTU.  Then tell us what you think about the speech. more

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The Most "Complex" Wards In Chicago

As Complex Magazine ranks the 25 Douchiest Bars in Chicago, Ward Room investigates the link between frequenting such watering holes and voting for Rahm Emanuel. more

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LISTEN: Gregg Williams’ Stunning Pregame Speech – ‘Kill Frank Gore’s Head’

The following is audio recorded by filmmaker Sean Pamphilon before a game against the San Francisco 49ers. After listening to it, you have to wonder how either Payton or Williams could... more

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Must Here Pregame Speech From Gregg Williams – NSFW

Hard to make a case to drop that suspension… more

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Woman Burned On 90 Percent Of Body In Wicker Park Fire

A 60-year-old woman suffered burns on more than 90 percent of her body early Thursday, in a fire caused by smoking while using oxygen in her Wicker Park neighborhood home. more

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Rush Street Bartender Fired After Using N-Word In Facebook Post

A Gold Coast nightclub bartender has been fired for posting a rant on her Facebook page that included the use of the N-word to describe African-American customers. more

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Mag Mile Hotel Dedicates Suite To Ron Santo

Cubs fans can celebrate the start of a new season in a hotel room devoted to the late Ron Santo. more

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Sub-Freezing Temps Could Arrive Overnight

It could be back to reality for early April -- complete with freezing temperatures. more

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