Rogers Park theater set to close doors

A city alderman is trying to stop the closing of Morse Theatre, a live-music venue in Rogers Park that debuted only four months ago.

A concert last Friday at the theater was abruptly canceled as rumors swirled about a dispute between the Morse's investors and management team.

The theater hasn't officially announced other cancellations, or said it's closing. The Morse website lists upcoming events through the end of March.

Enter Alderman Joe Moore (D-49) who is trying to broker peace between the warring parties, and who wants the public to support the Morse.

"I am optimistic a satisfactory resolution of the dispute can be achieved," Moore says in an email to his constituents about the matter. "Both parties are very aware of the important role the theater plays in the revitalization of Morse Avenue and Rogers Park, and both have told me they are confident the theater will remain open.

In the meantime, I urge you to demonstrate your support for both the Morse Theater and the Century Public House by taking in a show...," Moore says.

Moore and Andy McGhee, the theater manager and head of booking, could not be reached for comment.

The possible closing of Morse Theatre comes at time when entertainment venues in Rogers Park are quickly disappearing.

Village North Theatre, a hot-spot or college students and local movie-goers, was closed last month. Management says it is undergoing extensive repairs and will reopen. However, a date has not be made public.

The 1917 landmark Adelphi Theater closed in January 2002 and was demolished four years later.  


ROGERS PARKING, 02-24-2009

Oh please. Joe Moore merely OFFERED to broker a deal between the parties. As far as anyone can tell, his offer was met with a polite "no thank you."

Given Joe Moore's inability to effectively run his own ward, and given the fact that he knows absolutely nothing about running a business, you would be hard pressed to find someone less qualified to broker anything.

Wait, I suppose he's been pretty successful brokering donations for real estate developers in need of zoning variances.