Brothers rescued after boating mishap off Navy Pier

Police helicopters hovered over the choppy waters around Navy Pier today searching for a man missing after his boat capsized early this morning.

His two companions were rescued with mild hypothermia, police said.

Chicago Police Lt. Christopher Kennedy said an unidentified commercial vessel contacted police
at approximately 8:45 a.m. to report a man stranded on a break wall east of Navy Pier.

He and another man, were rescued by authorities shortly thereafter. The men, who are brothers, spent between one and two hours in the 65 degree water, Kennedy said.

Police refused to release the men's names late today.

The men were approximately one mile northeast of Navy Pier when their 16-foot power boat capsized in four to six foot waves.

The two brothers were transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where they were treated and later released, said hospital spokeswoman Kris Lathan.

The cause of the accident or the purpose of the trip were not known by police, who said that they had no reason to believe alcohol was involved.

"Right now my concern is for finding this third person," said Kennedy.