Wrap It Up September 2006* Part 2* bringin’ summer back, yeeuh!* Part 2*

August came round bringing my first Lollapalooza, and some wicked fun parties. I also, finally, made it to David Barton Gym. I had a lot of free time, after summer school ended I didn't have anything to do, no job. It was kind of depressing. I hate it when I am just roaming around looking for something to do. I have had so many gimpy jobs and it's like- when am I going to get to do something fulfilling? Something that I am happy to do all day long that pays enough for me to eat and pay rent? Oh well. I wasn't feeling to motivated to work either- the sun was shining and it was awesome to be winging around Chicago without a care in the world.

My pictures for August got messed up, so I am filling in with pics from the July Indie Desisers and Vintage Market- you don't mind, do you? Of course, not. I have some other stuff to throw in, too...like a greatest hits thingy.I did get good news over the course of the summer, so it wasn't all bad? I won ‘Honorable Mention' in the Crossroads Trading Fashion Photo contest. I got into the Chicago Art Open, and then got Curator's Choice. Yay! I have a photo in the Columbia College student handbook, the Informer. And I did get some freelance work over the summer. I was hoping to get something good so that I wouldn't have to be an usher again, but that didn't happen so I have to drag butt over to the Lyric on the 16th and put my black suit on all over again. When I hear the first strains of music drifting out of the auditorium I'll be in heaven, but for right this second I am still lamenting the fact that I haven't got a photo job. Oh well.

OK! Enough self-pity! Let's get going with this --

August Hi-lites:

7/30* Ran over to the Gene Siskel to see the Ziggy Stardust concert movie. I was late, but got an eyeful. I had just been looking through Mick Rock's picture book Blood and Glitter, and thinking about how the glam era is everywhere. I got in for the last few songs- White Light/White Heat and Rock and Roll Suicide. Loved it! After that I was walking back to the train station and some guy wanted to sell me an umbrella for .75. I needed a quarter for the train so I bought it. He couldn't believe that I asked for the quarter change.

8/3-8/6* Lollalooza! I ran into some chick at Pitchfork that got me on as a volunteer for Lolla, so I got to go for free. Then I got an email from my internet friend, Hilary, about the CKOne VIP Lounge at the Hardrock Hotel. So for three days I got to experience Lollapalooza AND be a VIP. Sweet. But- I was pissed because my shifts were all for the same time as the hottest acts? So I was giving out Lolla i-tunes cards when the Raconteurs were playing. I was in such a position that I could see Jack White and some guitars on the monitors, while hearing My Morning jacket who were on the stage closest to us.I heard the strains of ‘Crazy' while sitting at the box office, and left in the middle of She Wants Revenge's set to go back to box office the next day. Our boss was really cool and let anyone that wanted to see the Chili Peppers take off early. They were -- alright. I got to see a few bands- I loved Andrew Bird, hated Dresden Dolls, Liked the Flaming Lips- they had the best show. I really liked Assasins and Of Montreal. Matisyahu is awful.The New Pornographers had a lot of energy. Common is preachy and boring. Schwag report: 1 staff t-shirt, a lot of water, some granola, itunes download card, a compilation cd, and free admittance. All in all? I had a good weekend.

I hung out at the CkOne Lounge a few times, mostly the last day. I got goodie bag stuffed with full sized bottles of body wash and scent. Also a Troll Doll, so cute! I went over there Saturday night, and got a little scare. When I went up the stairs, everything was closed? And then I saw these guys -- I said ‘Hey, are you looking for the lounge?' and when they turned around it was Sa-Ra, the new, hot, can't quite call it rap, act. I just acted like I didn't know who they were and got out of there. Yeah, I could have tried to ‘hey I write for CDN' thing? But I was like- I'm tired, I'm hot, I just want to go home. I am really lame sometimes. I saw Amanda Nosal from Genart at the Sunday night closing party where Pete Wendtz from Fallout Boy dj'd. Some guy from Kill Hannah, too.

8/9* Went over to the Subject Lingerie show at Caberet- ghetto. This one dude kept hollering every time a certain model came out, and the place was packed like a strip show. There was one really pretty model- finely made features, perfect body- but for the most part it was like, huh? I'm spoiled. I liked the idea of the 40's glamour pinup looks, though. And the lingerie was pretty.8/10* Triple treat! I got invited to the opening of Rios d'Sudamerica (missed it, got lost- where is Armitage again?!) by the incomparable Downtown Melissa Brown. I heard that they had a great time and that the food there is excellent. I want to go there and try the Lomo Pisco (sautéed steak with onions, tomatoes, and fried potatoes -- )

I did make it over to Saltaus for the UNSCENE launch party. They had baked delicacies from Sweet Thang on Milwaukee, an array of tasty gourmet snacks (meat, fowl, and veg.) as well as delicious Alchemy Vodka mixed drinks, like the Chocolate Cherry Coke. Saw Victoria Bianco, Christophe Gauspol, and Tom Bynum milling about. There was a fashion show and Yulianna R .( she was just in CS) was modeling, also the lovely Olya ( Cyndi Chan's fall campaign, as well as WIU's first Fashion Roundup). The makeup was different- with big glossy kissy lips, kinda like glam goldfishes.

After that I took off for the Lavalife flirt with flavor party at the Victor Hotel. Saw lots of people standing around. Met Janna Gornik, who I thought was a model but turned out to be a makeup artist. Talked to Jibari from Absolut who told me they were super pleased with the way that the Lavalife parties have been going. They should be. People were guzzling enough free vodka to keep a luxury line afloat! I know because I helped them- the Llavalicious drink was amazing.8/11* There is no rest for the wicked, and I creaked out of the house the next night to go to the ConVurge ‘Hot Body Contest'. We all piled onto the Anita Dee II luxury yacht and set sail on a 60 minute cruise which featured the aforementioned bodies and celebrity judges Rachel and Shane from Road Rules. The emcee was Mel from Kiss FM. After gorging on treats from Fox & Obel (they had cornichons!), there was some general bad behavior- booty wiggling and such, and after that was allover the winners were female: #5, and male #12- Don Parker. I know his name because he cornered me after the contest and told me about himself. He is the holder of a doctorate in business and looks forward to a second career in fitness modeling. Since the prize was a year's contract with ASAP models, I think he's got a shot.

After the boat docked, there was a free limo bus (from Elvis Limousines) waiting to whisk us from Navy Pier to Reserve nightclub. So fun! There, complimentary glasses of Dom were pored for everyone and there was open bar until about 11.30. I ended up dancing with Brooke Seldin from ASAP ( sorry about the photo- one day!) and her husband Dan Heine was a real scream. As soon as they left, I scampered home and to bed, completely worn out. It was one of those times that I realize that I am super lucky and am happy with life.8/18* Had my first supervised workout at David Barton Gym. I had gone over there (600 S. Michigan, where Kitsch'n is) and redeemed my gift certificate after months of procrastination. The place is cool, and everyone was nice. My trainer, J.C really put me through it, though! I was so expecting the easy introductory workout and he told me after it was all over and I was soaked in sweat with every muscle trembling that he thought that I would benefit from a more advanced program. Hello? I liked it, but there ws this old lady staring at me while I was lifting weights and that was creepy. Also, I can't afford $90.00 per session. If you can, go on down there. Ask for old J.C- he's a killer.

8/19* Some people don't know when to stop, and the next day I met up with a friend and just stayed out. First we went over to Heaven Gallery to take in he ‘Just Another Beautiful Place' show. I loved JJ Sulin's work So does everybody else, judging from his website: www.jjsulin.com. I loved the colors, the light , and the mood. I could have stayed to look at his Stickney photo albums all day.

After that we went over to Wrigleyville to pick somebody up and we hung out in the typical Irish bar that played nothing but hip-hop. I heard ‘Drop It Like It's Hot' 3 times. Met this hotass cutie from Iowa, Zach- beautiful. Words cannot express, but he had really big muscles, an amazing attitude, and a murder tattoo down the back of one perfect arm. Yum.After THAT we wandered back to Wicker Park and had burgers and beers at that tavaern on the corner of North Avenue. The one that says ‘TAVERN ‘ on it. The service was great, the burgers were good, and they had Sam Adams. We took off for the Johnny Love party at Tini Martini- and it was off the hook. That was my first CSC party, and my last party of the summer and it was a good end. I dance and dance and danced, and had an amzing time. (To my friend W.A? Yes, you can dance, Ok? Technicaly anyone can s dancing is just moving to music. But -- yes, I thought you did exceptionally well, and I am glad that you were there.)8/20* Next day was pretty quiet. Ran my new Res DVD past W.A. to see what he thought. Grandaddy's song ‘Jed's Other Poem' was a big hit- no talking during that one, and we watched it twice. I loved Micah p. Hinson's ‘Beneath The Rose', and Jamie Lidell's funky ‘You Got Me Up' actually made W. A. laugh out loud. Was it the cat? He's really into the Knife now, but I was a little creeped out. The short ' This Is Me' by Sam Arthur was a definite crowd pleaser. After we watched the DVD I just went home and to sleep- my stomach muscles were killing me. I felt great, full of energy- but wow! I thought that I might go back by DBG to take some classes, but to be honest, I just never got round to it. I think I liked having someone keep track and make me work. It was more fun than slogging over there on my oddyknocky pretending to be motivated.

The next week, came school at Harold Washington, and then school at Columbia. I have like, 6 classes and a lot of photoshoots planned, so I won't be going anywhere for awhile. I did go over to the Yaris Works encampment when they invaded Wicker Park- that was on September 1st. I made a t-shirt, and some buttons, ate some carrot cake- it was good. But that's pretty much it for me as far as going out the rest of this year --

But hey- don't let that stop YOU from going out! There's a ton of stuff happening all around you, so don't miss it --


9/8-9/17* ‘What I Saw', large scale photos from the day of the disaster, on display at 1915 S. Halsted, 19th and Halsted. The photographs are by Rodney G. JeanBaptiste. Call 773.281.6525 for gallery hours.

9/14-9/21*The World Music Festival is happening! From all over the world people are coming to Chicago to share their music with you. Venues are everywhere, from Borders Books to the Southshore Cultural Center. Best way to get info? Check out: www.cityofchicago.org/worldmusic

Open* Go see the gorgeous public sculpture, the UIC skyspace at Halsted and Roosevelt. I bet it's still lovely, even when it's raining or snowing -- Movie* If it's still out, Brothers of the Head sounded interesting? Although it reminds me of that movie Twin Falls, Idaho- which looked great but wasn't the greates masterpiece ever made -- still- you can't beat conjoined twins for entertainment value.

9/16-12/31* Massive Change- the MCA's gigantic design show that will show us the future that lies just around the corner. Seeing this should be just like the feeling you get when you see people on Segways.

9/16-12/03* The art Institute hosts 'So The Story Goes', an exhinition of contemporary photography featuring Tina barney, Nan Goldin, and Larry Sultan9/15-9/17* Jamie Horban hits us with Solestance Dance Festival- from belly dancers to Frisbee throwers to every kind of dance imaginable. Catch it all at Vittum Theater, 1012 N. Noble Street, 773.342.4141 for ticket info.

9/16-9/17* RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR- is happening in Wicker Park, literally. 11am-6pm, get your craft on.

9/19-/10/12* Taiwan Revealed, a photography exhibit mounted by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Chicago. Randolph Lobby, Prudential plaza, 130 East Randolph Street.

9/20-9/29* Fashion Focus Chicago. I lost interest as soon as I found out that they didn't use any of my photos in the brochure, so I'm not really into going- but I am a brat like that. For more info go to www.fashionfocuschicago.com. There's TONS of events to go to, all over Chicago- including the Dior exhibit at the newly opened Chicago history museum.9/23* It's a bit of a walk? But if you have some time and cash and missed out on Lolla, go to the Virgin Festival in Baltimore, MD. The lineup includes the WHO, Chili Peppers, The Killers, and Gnarls Barkley, and they'll be rockin' out the Pimlico Racecourse. ( They put free socks in my goodie bag- the least I could do is mention it -- )

9/28* Fashion Above & Beyond Design: Putting Your Fashion Career into Focus. On September 28, 2006 at 6pm, The Chicago Fashion Foundation (CFF) invites eight keynote speakers to the Chicago Cultural Center to discuss starting a fashion business inChicago at this educational and entertaining symposium.9/29* Macy's Glamorama Event- featuring the hottest new fashions, the glammest crowd in Chicago, and a performance by Beyonce Knowles. If her MTV show was any indication, this lady is set to blow the roof off!

Open* Ear Stew -- some guy handed me an invite at the Damen Blue line stop. I didn't have time to go, but hopefully it went well. It was at the Street Side Café at 3201 W. Armitage in August. I think you can hit this guy up for more info www.myspace.com/whoisthedelbert .

9/28-9/30* Estrojam. Normally I don't bother listening when anyone goes Now YOU should see this. Just because I'm black and all -- but this sound like something other people might go to. Get more 411 at www.estrojam.org.Last but not least, OCTOBER:

10/5-10/19* The 42nd Chicago International Film Festival312.332.FILM, or www.chicagofilmfestival.com to get ALL the info...

10/19-10/22* RESFEST is coming! Since 1997, RESFEST has been a harbinger of tomorrow's most influential filmmakers and a champion in inventiveness in vivid panorama. This year's bonanza of features, shorts, music videos, animation, and documentaries ranges from DIY heroes to the latest storytellers using digital technology. Got to www.resfest.com for further info re:programs, tickets, etc.

10/20* The Chicago Art Open, please come by- I have work in this! Ok, there are other peole in it, too? But I am in it. And that's really the most important thing..right? It will be at the Zhou B. Art Center, go to www.caconline. Org for more deets.

See you guys next time!