*Wrap It Up ,April 2006* - K-Fed is my myspace pal, Jet Richardson is my road dawg…

Technically? Even though I don't have deadlines

or anything, this is way late. I was on break from school and I felt too lazy to write anything down. I just did not care. I was too busy running all over town with my friend Jet (and sometimes by myself) and trying to get invited to more parties. I was also mad because I didn't know about the Project Runway tryouts and so missed the man in the dress. I did find out that somebody I met once got asked back, but we're not friends so it's not like I can ask him about it. So even though I did get to go out and do some fun things, I was still put out that I didn't know. I didn't get invited to the Genart Slivr party, either. Isn't it dumb to let those bother me? Then my birthday came up and I just took to my bed and vegged. On a brighter note? K-Fed added me as a friend on myspace. Look, if he's good enough for Britney --

March was kinda slow for me, I didn't start going anywhere til mid-month. I missed the Habit show at Sonoteque, but managed to make it to the members only preview of Andy Warhol show at the MCA. The place was packed and my friend Jet was half an hour late! We ended up on a Studio 54 type line that snaked all the way from the main galleries on the 4th floor to the stairs. By the time we actually got in to see the show I was tired from being on line. I loved seeing so much of Andy's work? But I felt like there could have been more. He painted so many celebrities- Jane Fonda, Sylvester Stallone, Liza Minelli, etc- and I would like to have seen some of those. And there was no electric chair for the ‘Death' part. However? They do have the video portraits that allow you to go eyeball to eyeball with people like Baby Jane Holzer. The show opened to the public on March 18th and will be on view until June 18th.On the 23rd, I attended the end-of –season party at the Civic Opera House. Every one on the staff, including some opera singers, got together to taste delightful finger food from Wolfgang Puck and a pasta table set up by Greg Christansen catering. I got a chance to yuck it up with my best usher buddy Arturo, along with his wife Mary. A few days later we all witnessed the final performance of Viktoria Vizin as ‘Carmen'. It was amazing. Her performance was so vibrant and passionate! I loved seeing Carmen for the first time, and even though I missed Denyce Graves' performance earlier in the season- the joy of watching the story, the sumptuous sets, and the rousing musical score more that made up for it. After the opera season closed, the American Ballet Theater moved in for a week of performances of ‘Le Corsaire'. I liked it, but on a very superficial level? Ballet seems so narcissistic. It's very pretty, but I wasn't gripped by the characters or the story as in ‘Rigoletto' or ‘Carmen'. I guess I just need words or something. They are like really attractive mimes.Just as ABT was packing up the fashion scene was heating up with Genart's ShopChicago event, held at Union Station on the 30th of March. With booths for Kreatia (http://www.kreatia.com/), Lara Miller, Shanel Regier (www.shanelregier.com), and Eskell- they had the fashion scene covered from avant-garde to conservative. There were also tables set up by Beauty on Call and Bliss Spa treating attendees to free services. I loved my goodie bag ( as a volunteer I got to help stuff most of them!) which included full sized tubes of Bliss Body Butter in Plum Plum, a coupon for a free Chipotle meal, and a gift certificate entitling me to a free month at David Barton Gym. Yay! There were also samples from a company called foreplay that puzzled me- a small container of foul-smelling cream and a small vial of what looked like pink laundry detergent -- .what was that? There were a ton of discount cards from designer vendors and a copy of the ‘Salaries' issue of Chicago magazine.Here's one of my volunteer buddies:The next night I went to the grand opening of Chicago fashion Week and I wasn't as impressed. The club wasn't decorated, they were trying to sell tickets at the event, and when I questioned one staffer about what CFW is up to, she got kind of sniffy. It's ok not to know something, but if someone is expressing an interest in your company -- I left after five minutes. My friend Jethung out and said it got better later. I admit- I didn't have a particularly high opinion of them at that point. After the opulence of the GenArt party they looked kinda cheap and cheesy.I had a better time at the Promoda launch party (which was also a CFW after party) at Y Bar on April 6th. Models wearing outré designs formed elaborately styled tableax vivant as guests mingled and noshed on free eats. The club's opulent setting and excellent staff made it a great experience. Ran into Promoda founder Agga B., as well as Mackett, the guy who runs CFW.Ran into designer Wanda Cobar on the way out and she told me that she's got an event coming up on April 23rd at Prizzy P'Bela on Ashland. I didn't get a chance to go to the Grand Finale the next night, but from the email that I got and from what Jet said it was great. You can see pics from it here: http://www.chicagofashionweek.net/finale/html/imagepages/image1.html.

Hopefully I will actually get to attend next year. I felt bad because Geoff, the guy that runs CDN emailed and got a press pass for me? But I had to work and couldn't make it. Oh, well.Spent the rest of the week job hunting and lazing around (break from school) and then hauled ass to Fashion Rocks at Sound Bar on the 14th -- guess who went with me? In addition to Jet, I dragged along JaiWilson- Tull and his partner Chris, and my friend Kelechi. I took a picture of the first model to come down the runway, congratulating myself on a job well done for providing CDN readers with such in-depth fashion coverage, right? When I looked at the photo later I realized that it was the SAME model that I had shot backstage at Fashion Rocks last November. She's lucky for me, since the photo ran in the December 2005 issue of Clubline magazine along with pictures that I took of design duo Heatherette and Beyonce signing autographs at Marshall Field's.

Asian Elements had their 4th anniversary party at Transit on the 15th, but I stayed home. I had a test shoot the nest day with a really young model that I found online? I was nervous because my last model had had really bad acne and I was afraid that this would turn out the same way. When Nikki showed up (with mom and boyfriend in tow) she was adorable and thankfully pimple free. Jai did the makeup, and the styling was a collaborative effort. We used Nikki's clothes, my clothes, and some items dropped of by Deborah U. of www.avantgaudy.com. I met Deborah at the U of C fashion show in February and we kept in touch. You can see photos from the shoot here: http://www.musecube.com/faithbowmanphoto/122910/. We all had fun, and I am hoping that Nikki gets the career that she wants out of it. She was so cute!

Today's the 18th and I was supposed to type it last night and I have a cold or something from running around in the rain -- boo-hoo. Kinda happy because I was walking down State Street and got two free bottles of Coke Blak, which I am now addicted to. Hmmm -- coffee soda -- Here's some interesting things for the next few weeks, as I hope to get myself back on a normal schedule of doing this at the top of the month and not the middle.


Be at the James Hotel on April 20th for GenArt's opening party. Chicago Fashion Foundation will be throwing their opening event on May 3rd -- Make sure to catch ‘Thank You for Smoking', it's a riot -- 'Shojo Manga!Girl Power!' is up til the 26th of April T Columbia's C33 gallery on Congress -- Version is coming! The eclectic arts festival starts on April 20th and ends on May 7th (www.versionfest.org)... You've got another chance to see Preston Jackson's amazing work at Griffin Gallery, 372 W. Ontario -- Cherry Chau is coming to Marshall Field's on State Street to preview her Spring 2006 line. Get to meet here April 27th to April 30th -- Go to www.stylechicago.com to RSVP for the Million Dollar Babes sale at Skylight Studios on April 29th -- Check out the ‘Art of Games' exhibit at St. Xavier University. The work is from students at www.chicagoartdepartment.org... Chin Chin Up are playing at Enclave at the GenArt ‘Exposed' event on Thursday April 27th and later that night Rapper Que Billah will be at Subterranean on North Avenue along with Preast of Qualo, Mass Hysteria, and Hot 2 Def -- Last but not least- don't miss Sigur Ros at the Civic Opera House on May 9th -- .