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CTA still inspecting hundreds of buses as commuters wait

It's been two weeks since the CTA discovered a crack in the body of a bus and pulled 226 similar models from its fleet. Officials say they still don't know when the buses will return to the road. Some riders say they feel left out in the cold.

almost 7 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

Daley picks aviation commissioner to head CTA

Richard Rodriguez oversaw the expansion of O'Hare airport and won the mayor's praise for cutting costs at the city building department. He will face a projected $155 million budget crunch at the CTA

almost 7 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

RTA has high hopes for state gas tax

Officials at the Regional Transportation Authority want to receive more than $5 billion from a state fuel tax. But political realities and limited resources could dash their hopes to breathe easy again.

almost 7 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

CTA shuts down hundreds of buses, lengthening commutes

More than a third of the buses operate near the lakefront during rush hour. Chicago Transit Authority officials warned bus riders to arrive early or switch to trains.

almost 7 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

CTA, RTA at odds over Chicago transit system deficit

The Chicago Transit Authority and the Regional Transit Authority agree the CTA has a serious budget deficit. But they are tens of millions of dollars apart in the assessment of the problem - and can't say why.

almost 7 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

CTA shuts off UPasses for 5,000 DePaul students

About 5,000 DePaul University students are frozen out of the public transit system after transit officials mistakenly assumed that all the students on a long list were slated to have their UPasses disabled.

almost 7 years ago | Peter Sachs

CTA workers could face job cuts

The Chicago Transit Authority Board of Trustees Wednesday may vote to cut jobs at the cash-strapped agency at its meeting. The agency is still reeling during the recession.

almost 7 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

Some homeless on 'continuous' ride despite CTA policy to contrary

Homeless residents say the CTA continuous riding policy punishes those seeking shelter from the cold. Officials say they just want all customers to follow rules and pay for all rides.

almost 7 years ago | Lucy McGilchrist

CTA Holiday Train delivers food baskets and cheer

The CTA Holiday Train is on the tracks today and tomorrow moving customers from location to location and delivering food and other items to families in need.

almost 7 years ago | Megan Cottrell

Federal bill could bring $675 million for regional rail, bus upgrades

Officials at the Regional Transportation Authority say a massive federal economic stimulus bill would let the agency tackle a growing list of capital upgrades.

almost 7 years ago | Peter Sachs

Purple Line routing to change Dec. 29

Purple Line Express trains will return to their normal routing, clockwise around the Loop, at the end of the month, according to officials at the Chicago Transit Authority.

almost 7 years ago | Peter Sachs

College group lobbying for discounted Metra fares

A coalition of college students is lobbying state legislators for discounted rides on Metra. Discounts are already given to elementary and high school students.

almost 7 years ago | Peter Sachs

Regionwide fare hikes means public will pay more for public transporation in 2009

Chicago Transit Authority and Pace riders will shell out at least a quarter more to ride city trains and city and suburban buses in 2009. Metra increased fares earlier this year.

7 years ago | Amy Lee

Transporation coaches help plan bike, train routes

The group is seeking to reduce greenhouse gases by helping people leave their cars behind in favor of public transportation, walking and biking. They're hoping to enroll 300 people in the program.

7 years ago | Amy Lee

Trying to improve community through public transit, pedestrian access

Bronzeville residents are trying to improve access to their community, hoping it will spur development and help residents gain better access to rest of the city.

7 years ago | Megan Cottrell