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Water taxis headed for River North

over 6 years ago | Samantha Liss

CTA deficit lower than predicted

It turns out the Chicago Transit Authority had a $56.1 million deficit in 2008. The shortfall figure, slightly lower than the Regional Transportation Authority's estimate, was way lower than what CTA officials had predicted.

over 6 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

Finally, a shortfall CTA and RTA can all agree on

Fourth-quarter results from 2008 should definitively answer how much the Chicago Transit Authority lost last year. Transit officials have been conflicted on the shortfall since February.

over 6 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

Gay ads defaced on CTA

Someone is cutting or covering parts of advertisements meant to promote healthy lifestyles among gay men, authorities say. There are more than 200 of the ads across the Chicago Transit Authority.

over 6 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

Transit advocates: state funding not enough

Transit advocates say the governor's budget proposal leaves transit agencies scrounging for cash, even after an infusion of federal stimulus dollars.

over 6 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

Union eyes Megabus workers

Amalgamated Transit Union recently filed an application seeking to organize 120 drivers, operators, loaders and dispatchers for

over 6 years ago | Fernando Diaz

CTA's Howard-station renovation complete

Three years after Chicago Transit Authority officials approved a $56.7 million contract for the project, officials say the only work left is to hang a few pieces of art.

over 6 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

RTA director talks CTA, ridership and budget crisis

Steve Schlickman, the executive director of the Regional Transit Authority, faces challenges and opportunities as a budget crisis looms over Chicago's transit system and ridership continues to grow.

over 6 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

CTA's first federal-stimulus project: Dearborn subway

Chicago Transit Authority officials are turning to federal stimulus dollars to fix the Dearborn subway. The $56.6 million construction project is scheduled to begin next month.

over 6 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

Federal funds bring Circle Line closer to reality

A proposal to "loop the Loop" has floated at the Chicago Transit Authority for years. New federal money could bring the plan to fruition, shaving commuting times for many passengers.

over 6 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

Service cuts, more fare increases possible at CTA

Chicago Transit Authority officials today admitted that service cuts and fare increases could be part of a plan to make up for $155 million in public-funding shortfalls this year.

over 6 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

No honeymoon for Rodriguez at CTA

As Richard Rodriguez takes charge of the Chicago Transit Authority, he will face old financial challenges and new ones, including how to manage hundreds of millions of federal dollars.

over 6 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

CTA gets green light for $241 million in stimulus projects

Chicago transit agencies are moving quickly to spend hundreds of millions of federal stimulus dollars. Officials say national recovery funding won't be nearly enough to fix their problems.

over 6 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

CTA, Metra vie for stimulus dollars

With the national stimulus package, the federal government has opened a wellspring of funding for Chicago-area transportation officials. Tomorrow, regional officials will decide which projects get a shot at the money.

over 6 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

Minority neighborhoods ignored by Zipcar, I-GO

Chicago’s car-sharing companies concentrate business in white and mixed race neighborhoods and not poor, mostly-black neighborhoods with the highest percentages of no-car households.

over 6 years ago | Marian Wang