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Many questions, few answers on Park District union settlement

In an effort to cut costs, the district pared wages in 2001. A legal fight ensued. How much did the district spend on legal fees over the course of that battle? Nobody's saying.

over 6 years ago | Fernando Diaz

CSU ban on reporters is a brief one

Officials had pledged the search process for CSU's next president would be “completely transparent.” The school banned reporters from community forums involving the candidates, but then reversed course and opened the events.

over 6 years ago | Peter Sachs

Answers on Park District union settlement hard to find

In an effort to spare some cash, the district ended up footing the bill for years of litigation as well as a $3.5 million settlement. Now, answers on how much the move cost taxpayers are obscured in a bureaucratic maze.

over 6 years ago | Fernando Diaz

City Colleges in the clear after second vote on tuition hike

The City Colleges of Chicago trustees voted again to raise tuition starting with this summer's classes. This comes after questions were raised about the legitimacy of the first vote.

almost 7 years ago | Peter Sachs

City Colleges slated for 'do-over' on tuition hike

Saying they want to quell concerns about a December vote that wasn't on the agenda at the time, the City Colleges of Chicago trustees will vote again this week on a 10-percent tuition hike.

almost 7 years ago | Peter Sachs

CTA: Our report card is secret

Last year the CTA stopped publishing quarterly reports that tracked the number of accidents, complaints, days between bus cleanings and other performance-related figures.

over 7 years ago | Jessica Pupovac

A different planet

over 7 years ago | Geoff Dougherty

The waiting game

over 8 years ago | Geoff Dougherty