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Ya wanna be a derby girl?

By Red Scribbler


Ya wanna be a derby girl? Honestly, that's what their recruitment flyer says. Girls. The Windy City Rollers is having tryouts for women over the age of 21. You can e-mail tryout@windycityrollers.com or join the Yahoo! Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wct_recruits/ for more information. The next tryout is June 6 in Palatine.

Any level of skill is welcome.



Wolves season in review

Well Kris, I wish I could say that the Chicago Wolves had a better season then the Rockford IceHogs, but I'd be living in a fantasy if I believed that. It was only the second time in franchise history that the Wolves were shutout of the post-season. I think, compared to the previous time this happened, that the team was trying, but was being poorly led.

Yep, I'm specifically laying the blame for the Wolves failure on the coach. Now granted the 2007-8 Wolves, who won the Calder Cup, lost a coaching staff to the Atlanta Thrashers...more

IceHogs Streaky Sophomore Season

by Kris Gray

The 2008-09 Rockford IceHogs season is brought to you by the letter S. Many words could be used to describe the Hogs 2ND full season in the AHL, but the word Streaky seems to fit the bill exactly. Inconsistency seemed to dog them throughout the scheduled 80 games in the regular season and their inexperience sealed the door on their post-season.

The team was not plagued with the multiple callups from their parent team, the Chicago Blackhawks, as last season. So that couldn't be used as...more

Talkn' Derby To You! Manic Attackers defeat Hells Bells 112:87, Fury dominate Double Crossers 93:87

So there we were,looking at a blue and white poster that simply read"Talk Derby to Me"  Yeah, that's right up our line, skates, speed, contact bring it on!  So we contacted the Windy City Rollers and found ourselves in track side "Suicide" seats with our guide, guardian angel and teacher of all things Roller Derby "Flash Hottie" last Saturday night. Yes, Hottie has a another name that she signs her checks with but in the derby world everyone has their roller derby name and that is how they wish to be known.

Hottie was assigned to us by the...more

Wings win series, advance to finals in 2-1 OT win over Blackhawks; 2nd consecutive finals appearance for Penguins, Wings

1st Frame: Cristobal Huet looks good in the first 20 minutes. Stops 19 Shots. I wanna see Chris Chelios' face smeared across the glass. Lots of hop by the Blackhawks.
2nd Frame: Oh my god that was 20 minutes of mind-blowing hockey. Huet has the glow. Take em' down guys. Saturday night hockey in Chicago.
3rd Frame: OT! Let's run these old guys into the ground. What a game!
OT: Well that is the end of the season. The last shift by the Detroit Red Wings was dominating the Blackhawks. The Hawks just...more

A Pre-Game Retraction,Christobal Huet will be in goal tonight.

I'm the one here to issue a correction, publicly.  This afternoon I misread a text message from our associate, Kris Gray that clearly read  "Martin Havlat and Nikolai Khabibulin are scratches" for tonight's game.  Instead I placed Huet's name instead of Havlat's as I forwarded the information on to Patrick Kissane.  He then wrote the previous piece on the basis of the erroneous information I gave him. I will be far more careful in the future with similar sounding names. 

For clarity, Martian Havlat and Nikolai Khabibulin are scratches for tonight's game 5 against the Detroit Red Wings...more

Crawford to start tonight?

Kris Grey reports from Rockford that Corey Crawford will be starting in the pipes tonight in an elimination game against the Detroit Red Wings.

The 24 year old goalie is listed in the hockey data base as having played only one National Hockey League game this season. That would have had to have been the second period of the game earlier this week, if accurate. He has 1 goals scored against with a GAA of 3.77 and six saves in the NHL this season.

Boy, I'm unhappy with this. As much as...more

Blackhawks blow it at home; Behind 3-1 in series

Blackhawks! I remember only three games in the last seven seasons of following hockey that I have been so disgusted by that I got up and walked out. Two have occurred during the series between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings this month.

Just where to start? The goaltenders cannot defend against constant power play attacks by Detroit. Three of the six goals were power play goals. Kris Versteeg played an undisciplined game of hockey that doomed his team. Yes, yes, I know they were already behind, but there was no cohesion after...more

Windsor comes back to win Memorial Cup; Remembrances and awards

People who have read this blog realize I have an affinity for the Windsor Spitfires. They came back from losing the first two games of the Memorial Cup to win it Sunday. It was the first win by the team of the Memorial Cup and it was a blowout.

That's almost too bad. One of the champions of the opposing team the Kelowna Rockets, was goalie Mark Guggenberger, 20, who was shelled by the Spitfires in the 4-1 win. I don't see Guggenberger listed as having an NHL contract, and his final performance wasn't an...more

Chicago Force 53-0 over MN


I need to do the technical side of the story? Well, the Minnesota Vixen brought 22 players with them. That's enough to do an A team/ B team or to scrimmage. But some of the players were playing both ways and besides that they were generally older than the Chicago Force team.

The heat on the field was causing stress in the Minnesota team, the end of the second quarter was marked by the team taking a series of injury timeouts. As you noted, one Minnesota player passed out and was taken away...more

Chicago Force Dominate Nix Vixens 53-0

Covering hockey brings you lots of surprises, every game is a new challenge, every player a new subject. But come late spring and hockey season ends a short hiatus  begins until the summer rookie camps begin.  What to cover, what to keep the old juices flowing.  This year Kissane and I  have two great opportunities both in women's professional sports, the first I will start the discussion on.

Earlier this weekend we had a look into womens professional tackle football.  Yes Virgina, there is professional womens tackle football right here in Chicago.  The Chicago Force not only are they...more

Bring on the Parade!

This is getting serious, BlackHawk wear, tattoos and now a BlackHawk car.  Patrick Kissane spotted this beauty a 68' Coronet  in the North Center neighborhood today and what a stunner she is.  Her proud owner Mark Smolen obviously wears his colours proudly!

Hood with BlackHawks logo./ ByPatrick Kissane

Just look at that smile! The lovely 68' Coronet/ By Patrick Kissane

Ready for the detail../ ByPatrick Kissane

Captain of Mad Hatters team in serious accident

Brendan Tedstone reports that "Mike Payne, captain for the Mad Hatters this season had a scaffolding accident. Mike was hit by huge beams, his spleen is bleeding and he has injuries to his face and shoulders. He's in a hospital in Fall River."

Hawks need to speed up Wings game; Wolves need to embrace informality

We went to the Wolfpack meeting last night, instead of being intelligent hockey fans and watching the game live. Thus, the power of multiple Tivo’s recording the Memorial Cup and the game in the Joe. (Thank you to everyone who received tweets at the meeting and did not share them with us).


It immediately leaps out at me that the Wings are slowing down the game. They don’t want to chase the young legs of the Hawks. So, first question, what can the Hawks do to speed the game up? Also, the Hawks team isn’t able,...more

Happy Birthday your majesty; DROP THE PUCK ALREADY!

This weekend marks Victoria Day in Canada and that means the Memorial Cup Tournament. In case you don't understand, this is the leading tournament for the Canadian Hockey League. The winner of each of the regional major junior teams and the host team face off in a round robin followed by a playoff between the second and third ranked teams and finally a playoff with the first ranked team. Got that?


What sometimes happens is that the host city, in this case Rimouski, Quebec, is eliminated early in the season. This year, Rimouski's...more