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Help send our baseball bloggers to spring training

Want to read live, on-the-scene reporting from Cubs and Sox spring training?

Pony up a few bucks and you can make it happen. If we raise $1,000 by the end of this month, we'll be sending Daily News sports bloggers Mike Depilla and Mike Maguire to Arizona to cover the hell out of the start of MLB 2006.

If you've enjoyed their fine work so far, please visit our on-line donation page and send the boys some benjamins.

If we don't raise enough money to send them, we'll apply your donation toward...more

Content abounds

Exciting developments at Daily News HQ: Over the next few days you'll begin seeing a tidal wave of local news content on the site. It comes to us courtesy of the fine folks at Medill News Service, a Northwestern University program that assigns reporters to key Chicago beats like city hall, the courts and urban development.

We'll be using Medill to fill in some of the gaps in our own coverage as we build a reporting staff and a network of citizen journalists.

We can't thank Medill enough for hooking us up, and think...more

Savor the freedom of the open road in your new, high-paying career as a blogger

Stuck in a dead-end job? Worried about bills? Want to make something of yourself?

Sorry, can't help. But if you're interested in wasting an hour or so each day writing blog posts for us, please get in touch. I'm looking to start two new Daily News blogs. One will cover the inner workings of Chicago's tech industry. So if you're a techie who's always wanted to write something besides code, drop me an e-mail.

Also looking for someone to co-write a Chicago media blog.

Now, where can I get some of that caramel corn?

We're in the news again. The Trib's Steve Johnson writes on our name change, and notes that Chi-Town is what tourists call our fair city.

Which is true. So, welcome, all you fanny pack-wearing, slow walking, can't-figure-out-what-to-order never-been-to-Starbucks folks just in from Des Moines. The Garrett's popcorn shop is on North Michigan Avenue, which is a pretty good hike from the Shedd Aquarium. But it's a nice walk. It'll do you good. And if you hurry the hell up, you just might make it before dark.

The name game

We used to called chicagodailynews.org. Now we're chitowndailynews.org. So, why the new address?

Short answer: legal trouble coming from people who know a thing or two about legal trouble -- the Chicago Sun-Times.

The long answer is...longer.

Last summer, we were thrilled when we found nobody was using the chicagodailynews.org web address, and that nobody was operating a newspaper or news website called the Chicago Daily News.

The Chicago Daily News, of course, was the city’s preeminent newspaper for decades, with a rich history of great writing and aggressive investigative reporting. It...more

A torrent of advertising

Props to Daily News advertiser #2, Glenview Camera Shop. This Internet commerce thing is going to be huge, I tell you!

The wire

As we work to build out the website, we're faced with a bunch of interesting questions. One of them is whether to publish AP wire service copy in our local news, national news and sports sections.

On one hand, wire copy would make us a more full-featured website and would provide sports game stories and national headlines that some of you would probably like to read.

On the other hand, it seems like there's value in being what we are now: An all-original local news site with a laser focus on Chicago.

So I...more

Entendre scorecard: three and counting

This Internet thing is really catching on over at the Trib. The World's Greatest Newspaper just launched a blog-ish DC report called The Swamp.

As the paper is incredibly quick to explain, the name is "at least" a triple-entendre. It refers to, among other things, Washington's founding on a malarial swamp and the political culture in the capital, which is apparently...ummm...swampy.

Here's the thing -- If you have to spend a lot of time explaining how clever you are, you're probably not that clever after all.

That said, we wish the paper...more

Dave Redux

Here's a transcript of the Letterman/O'Reilly showdown at the Late Night corral. Link to vid clip on the site.

Anybody seen Bill O'Reilly's entrails?

For those who missed Letterman last night, Dave conducted the hardest-hitting broadcast interview of the decade, and nearly made Bill O'Reilly cry. Seriously.

Which makes us wonder: Could David Letterman be Mike Wallace's love child? Think about it.

And a fine December it was

The Daily News officially launched on Dec. 1, which means we now have a whole month under our belts.

Here's how the month went. We had more than 5,000 unique visitors over the 31 days, which is great, and right in line with what our business plan called for.

We served over 50,000 pages, which means people were reading the site pretty thoroughly, rather than just checking out the homepage and leaving to browse for porn.

We received articles from more than a dozen citizen journalists, and got e-mail from many, many more people...more

Now, for more reporters covering coverage of our coverage

Jay DeFoore has a nice article about us in Editor & Publisher.

And the fruit cake goes to...

Our first local advertiser, teetsy.com.

You can see their ad for limited-run designer T-shirts on all of our section-front pages.

Notice how spiffy the T-shirts look and go buy some. Then tell all your friends who run local businesses about our fabulously cheap ad rates and two-weeks-free special.

Deep thoughts about music, etc.

The first Daily News contributors meeting at the Hop Leaf was a high-minded affair during which we discussed the civic importance of grassroots journalism, the threat of plagiarism and the generally lofty goals for this website.

That all lasted about five minutes, and then we got to the truly important stuff: Exactly how drunk was Paul Westerberg when he was on stage? What's the best way to smash a guitar, and what's the etiquette for dealing with the pieces, which can be sharp and full of splinters?

It became clear that everyone who contributes to the...more

Now all we need is some telemarketers

The Chicago Daily News has been live for about two weeks now, and so far we're attracting a readership that's much bigger than we'd hoped.

Our business plan called for us to reach 35,000 readers a month by the end of our first year.

So far this month we've had 5,000 visits, and the number grows every day. We've served up more than 50,000 articles, which suggests our readers are doing more than stopping by for a quick look. They're reading most or all of the content on the site.

The utter simplicity of...more