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Adjustment Time

Saturday afternoon the Sox will face Angels' starter Jered Weaver, or Johan Santana 2.0.

In three career starts against the Sox, Weaver has only allowed one earned run-total-and seemed to get better each time. On May 13, Weaver went 7 strong and gave up only one hit, an AJ Pierzynski single, while striking out 6 and keeping the Sox off the scoreboard. (For the record, Weaver's ERA was 5.59 going into that game.)

Not since Joe "Cy"...more

Dye Comes Alive

While it's true that the Sox are sometimes overly reliant on the homerun-to the tune of an 0-10 record when they don't hit one out this season-it's still a thing of beauty to see them bang out a bunch of dingers at the Cell. (Sometimes.)

Such was the case last night when Jermaine Dye and Jim Thome played longball to push the Sox winning streak to 7 and their lead in the suddenly timid AL Central to 2.5 games.


An afterthought no more

At one point in March I said I was OK with a slow start from newly-acquired outfielder Carlos Quentin. He was still recovering from an injury, I figured, and rushing him back could create bad habits. Besides, the Sox outfield was set with Owens, Swisher and Dye.

Let Quentin nurse his way back to health and slowly work the kinks out of his game so he could be a solid contributor down the line for the Chicago White Sox.


Gavin Floyd, Stopper

So, Gavin Floyd, OS&S whipping boy for the better part of a year now, stopped the Sox death spiral in its tracks last night against the Minnesota Twins, flirted with history for the second time in a matter of weeks and brought the Sox within a game of first place.

How is Floyd doing it?

Coming into the season, the perception was that all of Floyd's success and failures could essentially be revealed by one stat: his...more

The Myth of Ozzieball, Part 572

Here's a fun game I like to play when I read the Trib in the morning: Take any White Sox feature article, read only the headline and possibly the first paragraph and see if you can guess the writer. I'm not talking about Mark Gonzales' game recaps and "White Sox Bits." The one writer I can pick out every time without a byline: Dave van Dyck.

It's simple-if you see the most negative slant on a Sox story, presenting the worst possible interpretation of the facts, and/or an untimely retelling of some bad news, you're reading van Dyck.


Same Heart, More Smarts. And Crazy-Good Pitching

In their last full turn through the rotation, White Sox starters have allowed 3 earned runs in 36 innings.

When you have stats that good, you don't need anything clever or witty for your lead.

A year and a half ago, I wrote this piece, detailing the best turn through the '06 rotation of Buehrle-Garcia-Contreras-Garland-Vazquez. Well, what we've seen starting Saturday afternoon from Floyd-Vazquez-Buehrle-Danks-Contreras is even better.

Starting with Floyd's near no-hitter vs. the Tigers (who, since...more

They're Full Of It

The Trib's Mark Gonzales busted out the tried and true "Always had the skill, now he has the confidence" stock file article today. The subject: starting pitcher Javier Vazquez.

These pieces are a sports journalists best friend-pull a few quotes from observers, trot out some select stats and sprinkle in some classic clichés like "turn the corner" "flashes of brilliance" and "put it all together." Wa-la!

(Actually, Gonzales didn't use any of those clichés,...more

A Big Move on the Horizon?

Even after five weeks of spring training and several rounds of cuts, the clutter in the Sox locker room is enough to make anyone claustrophobic.

The organization is starting to look like the storage room of a made-for-Dr. Phil pack rat. There's of course Juan Uribe, Joe Crede, Pablo Ozuna and Toby Hall, all on the major league club despite myriad other options.

But there's also the outfield log jam with Nick Swisher and Carlos Quentin both...more

From Rags to Swishes

A spring of questionable decisions received a jolt of good news when Ozzie Guillen announced that Nick Swisher would bat lead off in the Sox line up for a bulk of the early going.

Swisher, owner of a .381 OBP in 2007 and unparalleled ability to work counts, will bring a new look to the first inning. No, he doesn't have the speed of a traditional leadoff hitter, but the bottom line is he'll provide the Thome-Konerko-Dye trio with more RBI chances than...more

Chicago Politics

The Sox made official what everybody smelled coming like a cooked set of books from a corporate payroll scandal: Joe Crede and Juan Uribe are starters; Josh Fields and Jason Bourgeois will report to Triple-A Charlotte.
By paying veterans their "due" and refusing to acknowledge diminishing skill sets, the Sox have trapped themselves into a less-than-optimal team arrangement that offers little hope for improvement and even less excitement for fans. An unbiased look at the numbers would alter several decisions.
It's only fitting the White Sox play in Chicago, where political nepotism and smokey back...more

Money Talks... and so does Ozzie

I don't mean to alarm you Sox fans, but it's now been nine days since the Sox last came home with a 'W.' Monday's loss to the Mariners, which saw the Sox scratch out only three hits and no runs over the first seven innings, dropped Ozzie's crew to 9-16, good for last among American League teams this spring.

So is this the "intensity" Ozzie was pining for?

In reaction to his club's losing streak Ozzie said:...more

A Developing Question

Don't make a habit out of analyzing Ozzie Guillen quotes, because most of them don't make sense. The most recent example:

"Development? I'm not going to develop my players for someone else. I already learned my lesson," Guillen added. "Jeff Torborg developed players , and he got . Jack McKeon won. To me, development, that's for the Minor League system. You bring the best guys. Me and Kenny have talked, and we want the best guys at every position."

Ozzie, the next player you "develop" in Chicago will be the first. You've been given a...more

Coming Up Short at Second

Citing Pablo Ozuna's valuable versatility and Danny Richar's aching back, Ozzie Guillen indicated the race for the starting second base gig has narrowed to two: Juan Uribe and Alexei Ramirez.

Ramirez has looked great and exceeded expectations this spring, but his rough defense and inexperience will prevent him from breaking camp as an everyday player. So essentially, barring a trade, Juan Uribe is the first in line to be your Opening Day second baseman.

Uribe being first...more

Lead Off Candidates

To hold down the all important lead off spot in the batting order you need to have one of two things: high OBP or game-changing speed. The Sox have long valued the speed factor over everything else, but so far this year there have been indications an actually good batter who doesn't rely on his legs won't be dismissed for the role immediately.

Here are the six names most likely to be printed first on the Ozzie Guillen's line up cards this season.


OK With a Slow Start From Q

Carlos Quentin, the outfielder Ken Williams targeted "specifically" this off season, is showing effects of shoulder surgery and may not be ready for Opening Day.

Manager Ozzie Guillen commented about "bad habits" and "soreness" creeping into Quentin's play, and soon after the former Diamondbacks prospect was given the next few days off.

Lingering injuries are never a good thing in spring training, but in this case it's not a big deal and there is no need to...more