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Sox Win... Without a Homer!

An extraordinary thing happened yesterday afternoon at the Cell: the White Sox won a game without hitting a homerun. I kid you not, take a look at the box score yourself. It's only the 5th time that has happened all season, and the first time since June 26.

No word on whether Greg Walker poured over the Major League Baseball official rule book all night to see if such a win is legal.

The 4-3 win over...more

When You're Hot, You're Hot

I am firmly of the mindset that a baseball team is not as good as it looks during its winning streaks and not as bad as they look during their losing streaks. Hot streaks, luck and slumps are part of the game, and believing every performance is representative of the team's true ability is fool's gold.

But how can you not be jazzed after last night's come-from-behind 3-2 victory over the Indians?

With the Sox down to...more

Putting the Sox/Cubs Series in Perspective

This wasn't the prettiest weekend on record for the Chicago White Sox. Three straight times, the Sox were blown out of the water by their cross-town "rivals," bringing out a level of frustration in fans not seen since, well, last year.

Just ask the man with the toughest job in baseball: Chris Rongey. (Hawk likes to say that the hitting coach is the toughest uniformed position in baseball, but even Greg Walker doesn't have to deal with deranged callers taking out all their...more

Sox Clobber Pirates, Gear Up For Cubs

It's hard to complain about the Sox offense when they score 37 runs over a three-game series.


…Ha! Gotcha! Actually I have no complaints after the Sox banged out 44 hits and 10 homers against Ian Snell, Tom Gorzelanny and company.

Even without Paul Konerko, who was placed on the 15-day DL as expected, the Sox had more than enough to go around against the city of ...more

Cap Tippin'

The offensive enlightenment that spurred the Sox to victory Friday night eluded them for the rest of the weekend, as a 0-run, 3-hit performance ended the 9-game home winning streak on Saturday and a Sunday afternoon loss capped a losing series to the lowly Colorado Rockies.

It's time to start the "tip your cap" count, as Ozzie opted for the ol' cliché after Saturday's loss to Jorge De La Rosa, who came in with an ERA over 8 but left after five shutout...more

Home Cookin'

That crucial base on balls, that elusive hit with runners in scoring position, and yes, the ever-popular long ball returned to the Sox box score last night in a come from behind win against the Rockies that ran the AL Central leader's home winning streak to 9 games.

On the road, the Sox seem strangely incapable of coming from behind or manufacturing rallies with patient at bats and strategic singles. So with the ball flying...more

Things Are Good

As was pointed out to me last night, it is horribly unfair that I pick apart the Sox 3 game losing streak and effectively ignore the 7-game winner that preceded it.

Good point.

Recent road woes notwithstanding, there is no question that the overall outlook for the 2008 Chicago White Sox, who on June 13 own the largest lead of any first place team in baseball (5.5 games), is very sunny.



It is often said that Sox fans, pessimistic and cynical, place more significance on a loss than they do on a win. And it's hard to disagree with that: you'll probably see more hemming and hawing after the Sox three straight losses to Detroit than you will praise and applause over the seven wins at home mere days before.

But it's also hard not to be disappointed after the Sox gave back quite a bit of the momentum they built at the Cell...more

Good Quote, Bad Quote

Two different takes on the level of satisfaction with the Sox AL Central situation:

Ken Williams: "Am I satisfied? Are any of us satisfied? Absolutely not. We very well could have a 10-game lead, but we don't."

Paul Konerko: "Even if we were five games back I would say we're in good shape."

For the Sox to be five games back on June 4 (when Konerko made that comment), their record...more

Anti-Sox Conspiracy? Check With Mother Nature

Forget the media's biased coverage, the Cell's upper deck or any of Ozzie Guillen's rants, if you want to see any semblance of a real conspiracy against the White Sox check in with Tom Skilling.

After a frustrating stretch on the road, the Sox come to town today to start a long homestand and Mother Nature treats them like the red-headed stepchild. Today's forecast calls for thunderstorms. Tomorrow, more storms. Thursday, more storms.

What happened to that...more

Atta-boy, Ozzie!

After watching his team bang out a total of 4 runs over the last three games-and none after the 5th inning in any of them-manager Ozzie Guillen couldn't play nice anymore.

Here are his thoughts:

"Just be ready because I expect movement Tuesday. I expect Kenny Williams to do something Tuesday, and if we don't do anything Tuesday, there are going to be a lot of lineup changes. That's all I'm going to say about the offense.

First Place Rays Hand it to the Sox

After a satisfying series win in Cleveland, it was off to Tampa Bay, where the Sox can cash in 4 easy wins against the bottom-dwelling, perennially-losing Rays.

Now to confirm my statement by looking up the Rays' record in the paper to find that they're… 13 games over .500 in first place in the AL East?!

Cue Moe Szyslak: "Whaaaaaaaaa?"

Yes it's true,...more

Sox Offense Shows Up When It Has To

Faced with a sub par start from Gavin Floyd in an important rubber game, the Sox broke out their bats to slug their way into a 5.5-game lead over the Tribe in the AL Central.

Today's win cements the damage done to the Indians, who dropped 5 of 6 to the Sox in the last nine days and lost 4 games and one slot in the standings.

The best things about today's game were Floyd's ability to...more

Quentin Needs Help

Jim Thome is 1 for his last 14, and that lone hit was an infield single. He's also gone a week's worth of at bats without a walk, which used to buoy his OBP even when he wasn't hitting.

As of today Thome is batting .201 with a .332 OBP. For reference, he has a career .407 OBP, and his current mark would be an all-time season low.

With 9 long balls, the power is still there....more

So Much For Adjustments

After scoring a grand total of one run on 7 hits over the past two days, the Sox 8-game winning streak--you know, the one that just ended Friday night--feels like a distant memory.
It's not time to hover over the panic button or summon the dark clouds, but you have to be a little concerned when Ozzie's crew fails to show the least bit of adjustment or improvement in very specific weak areas.
(This won't become another Fire Greg Walker rant. But, um, yeah, Walker's job immunity and lack of accountability is not good.)