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Firefighter Injured Battling Extra-Alarm Blaze In South Chicago

A Chicago firefighter suffered cuts to his hands early Thursday while battling an extra-alarm blaze in the South Chicago neighborhood. more

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Work Begins on U.S. 41 Extension

The new roadway will open up the lakefront in South Chicago, and make possible a major housing development there. more

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Shot Cop Gets Dad's Police Star From McCarthy

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy tracked down the star Officer Del Pearson had sought for a decade. Photo Credit: more

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Sneed exclusive: Shot cop Del Pearson receives gift of a lifetime from top cop

MICHAEL SNEED: It’s called Chicago Police star #6254. It also was part of the tonic enabling a critically wounded Chicago Police officer to go home to his family Tuesday. more

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South Chicago Does Green in a Big Way

Lots of communities and individuals talk about "being green," but few can show as much actual green activity as the former steel mill community of South Chicago, which in May will host 80 green-oriented events from habitat restoration and urban farming to tours, youth programs, cycling events and health activities.... more

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Community conflicted over proposed ban on alcohol sales

Approval of a referendum that would stop the sale of booze in parts of Hyde Park could doom a University of Chicago plan to build hotels there.

7 years ago | Tasha Clopton-Stubbs

Uptown referenda aimed at changing affordable housing policies

A referedum on the Election Day ballot seeks to solve affordable housing problems by using a portion of property taxes to fix blight.

7 years ago | Peter Sachs

Duncan: Don't use children as 'weapons'

School officials step up effort against planned boycott of schools, hold rally at South Side high school

over 7 years ago | Paul D. Bowker

Woman jumps from South Side apartment to escape flames

Firefighters rescued two victims trapped by the fire. The blaze injured three people, two of them critically. The fire's cause is under investigation.

over 7 years ago | Kwame Shorter

Woman shot by unknown gunman

The woman reported hearing "several" shots before discovering she had been hit in the arm late Thursday afternoon on the city's South Side, police said. Police are still searching for the gunman.

over 7 years ago | Andrew Dunn

Day care fire may have been started by child playing with matches

Fire left two-year-old dead

almost 8 years ago | Jennifer Slosar

Burned day care home had been cited over smoke detectors

DCFS: Alarm system believed to be working at time of fire

almost 8 years ago | Jennifer Slosar

Toddler dies in home day care fire

Five other children escape unharmed

almost 8 years ago | Jennifer Slosar

Boy charged with bringing loaded gun to school

Bail set at $50,000

almost 8 years ago | Carrie Topolinski

Teen brings loaded gun to school

X-ray search of backpack reveals handgun

almost 8 years ago | Carrie Topolinski