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Big Fish?

Torii Hunter is gone, but Ken Williams continues to make noise about the Sox reeling in a “big fish.” The signing of Scott Linebrink is expected to be announced tomorrow, but he cries out “big fish” about as much as my column cries out “nationwide syndication!”


So who is Williams talking about? There are only four fish in the sea that I see: Aaron Rowand, Andruw Jones, Miguel Cabrera and Carl Crawford.


Sox on the "Brink" of Improving Bullpen

The White Sox shored up one black hole from 2007 Thursday while watching another remain unfilled when the big fish swam away to Los Angeles.

With the signing of former Padre and Brewer reliever Scott Linebrink to a 4-year, $19 million contract, the Sox hope to enjoy a few 8th innings in 2008 that don't involve Mike Macdougal walking two batters on eight pitches. (The deal will become official after Linebrink passes a physical.)


Sunny Orlando: Sox new shortstop Cabrera brings versatile game to town

On a cloudy Chicago afternoon, isn't it fun to think of sunny Orlando?

If you asked me on Day One of the Sox off-season (probably some point in June) what available shortstop I want suiting up in silver and black on Opening Day 2008, I would have told you Orlando Cabrera. There were others that intrigued me-Bill Hall, Jack Wilson, Rafael Furcal among them-but none brought the...more

Sox acquire Cabrera from Angels for Garland

For years the White Sox have tried over and over again to trade Jon Garland. Today they finally did it: the California native is going back to his home state to play for the Los Angeles Angels. In return, the Sox have acquired 33-year-old Gold Glove shortstop Orlando Cabrera.

The first domino has fallen.

I am a very big Cabrera fan: he is a terrific number two hitter and...more

Too Much For Torii?

So, three days in to the free agency period and the Torii Hunter saga continues to drag on. The Sox have made public that signing Hunter to roam centerfield at the Cell is their top priority of the winter. Whether that is the truth or a smokescreen for an under-the-radar transaction, well Dude, we just don't know.

But if it is true, the contract could end up being outrageous. Just today the Star Telegram reported that Hunter is seeking a seven-year contract, which would take him to age 39....more

Now Or Later

Welcome to the off-season. The first thing the Sox have to do is decide what direction they're headed into: "win now" or "rebuilding." I don't want to see last year's strategy of "win now and rebuild on the fly;" it didn't work at all.

Either you're playing for this year, or you're building for the future-pick a road and stick to it. Trying to play both sides produced a 90-loss season in the present and a flighty commitment to the future.


It's Over; They Gone

The city of Detroit got the better of Chicago twice on Sunday as the Bears and White Sox, together in mediocrity, both lost by 10 to their Detroit counterparts. Of course, a 10-run loss in baseball is significantly more embarrassing than a 10-point loss in football. And so ends the 2007 season for the White Sox.

Might I interject here that the way Bears quarterbacks have struggled all season, a Josh Fields for Devin Hester...more

Garland goes out a winner.... Will he come back a Sox?

If this was Jon Garland's last start in a White Sox uniform, he certainly went out in style. With the annual Garland trade rumors about to pop up again, the Sox righty gave his bosses something to think about in his last start of the season with a complete game, three-hit shutout of the Kansas City Royals at the Cell.

The Royals are no powerhouse, but Garland looked impressively sharp all night, allowing only five...more

Odds, Sods and Sox

Amid offense hibernations, bullpen implosions and a forth place free fall, this has been the most pleasant Sox sight of the season: Steve Stone in the TV booth with Hawk Harrelson. After only three games of Hawk and Stoney, I’m convinced the pairing should be made permanent. Hearing Stone’s insight, well-researched observations and intelligent banter with Hawk only further highlights how boring, and stale telecasts are with Darrin Jackson


And that’s not...more

Sox Pitchers in Demand

In the midst of persistent Mets and Dodgers rumors, Trib writer Phil Rogers suggests the Arizona Diamondbacks might be closer to consummating a deal for one of the Sox starters than anyone else. MLB sources believe the Diamondbacks played first baseman Conor Jackson in left field last night to showcase him for a possible deal to Chicago.


The 25-year-old Jackson, highly-touted last year, is hitting only .262 with...more

A-Rod To The Sox? Don't Count on It

Great article in the Journal News by Peter Abraham about how and why Alex Rodriguez will not be leaving the New York Yankees now or anytime soon. There’s been a lot of A-Rod talk lately- will he re-negotiate with the Yankees? Will be opt out of his contract and be a free agent after the season? Will he get a $30 million per year deal?


The answer to all that nonsense, as Abraham details, is...more

Odds, Sods and Sox

With trade rumors heating up, and teams like the Mets becoming more desperate for starting pitching, Jose Contreras has done nothing to jack up his trade value over the past week. Getting shellacked by the lowly Royals and Orioles in back to back starts (combined line: 11.1 innings, 12 ER, 17 hits, 5 walks) doesn’t exactly scream to scouts, “Hey! I’m the answer!” especially when the rest of the Sox starters all held the Royals and Orioles in check with borderline dominant outings. His stuff just doesn’t look as sharp as it did when he...more

Numbers Crunch

Good news, Sox fans: with a 3-7 stretch, the Sox finally passed the Orioles in the Wildcard standings this week, taking the first step on their march to the playoffs. Now they only have to pass Tampa Bay, Toronto, New York, Minnesota, Seattle, Oakland and Detroit.

It might just be posturing, but GM Ken Williams has told anybody that would listen, including the PTI guys and the Chicago Tribune that, despite the team’s free fall in the AL Central, he still likes this team...more

Nothing But Slugs

I know Bill Murray is a Cubs fan, but the Sox have their own version of his movie Groundhog Day taking place every night.
Except instead of Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You Babe,” it’s Hawk and Rongey’s “They’ll Start Hitting Soon” that plays over and over and over amid increasingly more irritated eye-rolls. Right now Punxsutawney Phil would probably lead this team in batting average (and the name on his jersey would only require two more letters than “Pierzynski.”)
Every day we see the same sad story of a solid starting rotation, an insipid offense and a grotesque bullpen play out...more

Odds, Sods and Sox

Heading into this weekend’s Cross town Series against the Cubs, the Sox are only 3.5 games out of first place in the AL Central. The old line “if you told me that on May 18 we’d only be hitting .222 as a team but still be three games over .500 and within striking distance of first place I’d be ecstatic” is true. (Just ask Hawk, he says it about every 15 minutes on telecasts).


It’s true, the deficit could much worse. Take a...more