CPS fires 558 workers to cut costs

Nearly 560 workers at Chicago Public Schools lost their jobs today in an effort to fix a budget deficit at the district as high as $600 million dollars.

District spokeswoman Monique Bond says the cuts will save the district about $100 million. She says details of further cuts are "still being worked out," but the number of those let go could reach 1,000, based on her earlier statements.

All of the cuts were to positions outside classrooms, mainly at district headquarters, Bond says. The departments of human resources and information-technology services lost the most workers.

She says the workers will receive severance.

The move comes weeks after Ron Huberman, the district's chief executive officer since January, formally announced a new executive team that includes two new positions. Bond said no one named to existing positions received a pay raise.

Marilyn Stewart, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, praised the cuts as an effort to "chop the top" — meaning staff at district headquarters — rather than lay off teachers who work directly with students.

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