Still no results in CHA elections

Two days after public housing residents voted in new leadership, there's still no list of preliminary winners. 

The housing authority and the Central Advisory Council, the citywide body of public housing leaders, contracted with Alexis Bivens Ltd. to run the elections.

Sandra Bivens, president of the company, said yesterday that she would have results available today. Bivens said the hold up was due to problems in counting and recounting votes.

Chee Chee Gwin, marketing director for the company, now says results will be available Friday. Gwin sys although initial results were tallied at the end of elections Tuesday, those results have to recounted and absentee ballots must be included.

Candidates expressed concerns yesterday about problems with election procedures and results. Juanita Stevenson, incumbent president at Lathrop Homes, says many residents have come to her, saying ballots were innappropriately voided or thrown away.

Gwin says any impropriety on the part of judges is highly unlikely. She says the company had staff poll watchers at each site, keeping an eye out for problems.

Candidates who question the results of the election can challenge the results until Monday. After that date, official results will be released and candidates will formally take office, says Deverra Beverly, president of the Central Advisory Council.

Staff Writer Megan Cottrell covers public housing for the Daily News. She can be reached at 773-362-5002, ext. 12, or megan [at] chitowndailynews [dot] org.