Burger King robbed at gunpoint

Three unidentified men wearing ski mask robbed a North Side Burger King at gunpoint last week.

The men entered the Burger King at 2834 W. Irving Park through the employee entrance door at 5:45 a.m., police said.

One man demanded to see the manager while the other two headed towards the back of the restaurant, police reports said.

The manager identified herself and led the first robber to the safe. Meanwhile, his accomplices locked two other store employees in the freezer after taking their cell phones and wallets.

The robbers then fled with $2,600 in cash.

When authorities watched the video surveillance tape it appeared there was another accomplice keeping watch in the Burger King parking lot, police said.



Is the address on Irving or Irving Park Road? "Irving" is sort of a nickname.


Scott, it's Irving Park. Want a job as a copy editor? ;)