Drug sales, parties top 17th District concerns

Residents concerned about drug sales and house parties spoke up at the 17th District community policing meeting last week at the Kilbourn Park field house.

One woman brought up a drug house in her neighborhood, on the 3800 block on N. Kenneth. There is a sign outside the house that reads, "Do not buy drugs from this house."

Police took down the address and said they would look into the matter.

Another district resident complained about house parties in her neighborhood. She asked how long parties can go before police can shut them down.

Officers told her parties are permitted as long as they don't go past midnight on weekends and 11 p.m. on weekdays. They suggested the resident call police when a party is in progress.

Police also covered when to call 911, as opposed to the city's 311 service number. 311 calls concern issues to request City Services and to report situations not requiring a police response. 911 calls are for police, fire or medical emergencies.

Caller anonymity was another topic of the night. Due to a recent policy, 911 dispatchers are required to ask callers reporting gang and drug related incidents whether they would like to remain anonymous. The 911 dispatcher and the officer receiving the call do not see the caller's name or address in those situations.