Wrap It Up Fashion Roundup

Men's fashion takes a turn for the better with the newest addition to North Avenue's shopping strip- TK MEN. Owned by superstar stylist Lindsay McKay (dude- she actually dresses Dave navarro for 'Rock Star'!) this is a one stop shopping treasure for men that know what they like and just need a little help putting it together. You can come in, grab a Pabst blue Ribbon (honest) and outfit yourself from

head-to-toe. I watched Lindsay and cute manager Kendra work with a customer, and guys? you really want to shop here. No hard sell, no pushing- just questions about what you want. From hanging out, to school, to work- They got you covered.

For a laid back, chillin' with your buds look- Lindsay picked out a soft, thin cotton T-shirt and comfy boot cut jeans that fit well without looking too 'hipster'. The deep brown calf height boots added to the casual vibe- you could add a sweater or jacket for colder weather.Gotta go to school? Run out the door looking good without trying. The old fashioned vintage style sweater plays off of the crisp white shirt and cords to make a brother look...nice. Funk it up and make it yours by leaving the shirt-tails out and adding a haute cap. This is a look that teachers and classmates will approve of!When you get that job, let Lindsay pick out your workwear. Whether you've got a creative casual gig, or entry level to president- they can get you up and running with a profesional guys starter kit of J. Lindebergh separates( and yeah, they have ties, too).But now the sun's going down and you wanna make an impression on the ladies (or lads). What are you gonna wear? Try Minus Ung's wool jackets. Sold exclusively at TK MEN, this label delivers jackets with punch. They're well tailored with detachable collars, and surprise design details. You won't regret investing in one of these pieces. Warm without being bulky- they're perfect for Chicago's quixotic fall to winter weather. To be honest, I want one for myself!*Shot on location 10/1/06, at TK Men, "Wear to Get Some", 1909 W. North Avenue (www.tkmen.com)*

*********************************************************coming up next? alternative women's designs from Wolf Bait & B-Girls...stay tuned...