Police nab shooter after home invasion

Police have charged an alleged gang member with forcing his way into a North Side home.

Sayyid Qadri of 6600 N. Seeley, was charged with home invasion July 6, after a string of violence that left one man shot, on the Fourth of July.

According to police, at approximately 7:40 pm on July 4, Castillo Rodriguez, 48, was sitting in his car with friends at 1623 W. Columbia, when Qadri, 23, allegedly pulled up and threatened to shoot him.

Rodriguez pulled out and Qadri allegedly followed him, fired several shots. Though Rodriguez was wounded in the back, police have not charged Qadri with the shooting.

Qadri then took off and parked his car. A woman who lives nearby then saw Qadri coming up her back stairs with his hand on a black gun he had in his waistband.

He grabbed the woman and forced her into her apartment, police said.

Meanwhile, detectives were searching the area for Qadri.

Qadri saw the detectives from the window and forced the victim to the floor. He wiped off his gun and hid it under her mattress, police said. He then told her to act like they were together. When they stood up, detectives saw him from the window and he was taken into custody.The State's Attorney Office has filed charges of home invasion, a Class X felony, against Qadri. If he is convicted these charges carry a sentence of 6 to 30 years in prison.

Qadri is currently free on bond.