Police protect Pilgrim Baptist Site -- for now

  • By Barbara Iverson
  • biverson@gmail.com
  • January 09, 2006 @ 10:46 PM
The fire on January 6, 2005 gutted the Pilgrim Baptist Church as most people have heard. The site has some Sullivan and Adler gems that scavengers or unscrupulous architectural buffs would love to get their hands on.

Today I witnessed two scavengers looking for whatever. One said, "the wire is all gone." They found an eight foot piece of thin copper, from the coping of the roof, I think and hauled it away.

I asked about it, but as I am not Ms. Buff, I couldn't stop them from making off with it.

I was pleased to see that they were stopped by the police who had the site cordoned off. The police appeared to be getting the copper back and checking to see if they had stolen anything else.